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Joshua K.
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Just a person who wants to be a game designer with a love for art and drawing.
My Youtube…

Artist who influence my artwork: :iconmartheus: :iconfico-ossio: :iconjbellio: :iconherms85: :iconmooncalfe: :iconelesis-knight: :iconyardley:

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Series 2 Spyro Stamp by sapphire3690Series 2 Skylanders Cynder Stamp by sapphire3690Series 2 Gill Grunt Stamp by sapphire3690Series 2 Trigger Happy Stamp by sapphire3690Series 2 Stealth Elf Stamp by sapphire3690Series 2 Flameslinger Stamp by sapphire3690Series 2 Hex Stamp by sapphire3690Series 2 Lightning Rod Stamp by sapphire3690Chill Stamp by sapphire3690Fright Rider Stamp by sapphire3690Sprocket Stamp by sapphire3690Jet-Vac Stamp by sapphire3690Flashwing Stamp by sapphire3690Pop Fizz Stamp by sapphire3690Series 2 Terrafin Stamp by sapphire3690Series 2 Stump Smash Stamp by sapphire3690Hot Dog Stamp by sapphire3690Series 2 Zap Stamp by sapphire3690
Series 2 Whirlwind Stamp by sapphire3690Giants Series 1 Sunburn Stamp by sapphire3690Giants Series 1 Warnado Stamp by sapphire3690Giants Series 1 Ghost Roaster Stamp by sapphire3690
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Tree Rex Stamp by sapphire3690Ninjini Stamp by sapphire3690Bouncer Stamp by sapphire3690Eye-Brawl Stamp by sapphire3690

Skylanders Kaos Stamp by RadSpyroSkylanders Hektore Stamp by jjman65Stamp: Kaos Mother 2 by StephDragonness
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Skylanders: The Time Jumpers


Inside of a dark and gloomy castle; a small, bald headed man and a skinny green troll walked through the corridors until they reached a throne room. The bald headed man took a seat on his throne and reached for book called 1001 Ways To Take Over Skylands. He furiously wrote down “Free Doomraiders and blow up Cloudcracker Prison” in red ink.

This was Kaos. A dark portal master with a napoleon complex bent on ruling the magical world of Skylands and have it’s protectors, the Skylanders, at his mercy. One time, he had accomplished this goal by banishing them to Earth 8 years ago. However, a new portal master found the Skylanders and together defated Kaos there, then, and many more battles.

“I don’t understand it Glumshanks!” Kaos yelled, slamming his fist on the arm of his throne. “Every time I have a plan to conquer Skylands, something backfires!” Kaos conjured a fireball in his hand and tossed it at a picture of the Skylander, Spyro. “Banishment, Hydragon, Doomraiders, and Traptanium. When I had it all, I lost it all!”

Kaos’ head turned red as he thought about all of his loses against his enemies, how he was treated like a idiotic weakling, and how he was used a tool to open a portal to the future by that werewolf, Wolfgang.

“Lord Kaos, thinking negatively like this isn’t healthy!” Glumshanks, the skinny green troll, pleaded. “Don’t think of your last attempts to conquer Skylands as failures, but ideas to improve on.”

Kaos was about take his anger out on Glumshanks, but thought for a moment about what he just said, “Yes, but how can I improve over plans that have already failed! I might as well face it Glumshanks, the Skylanders are getting powerful, their apprentice portal master is getting, and me; I’m getting old like Eon…”

“Oh boy, Lord Kaos is going through a midlife crisis!” Glumshanks thought, completely surprised. “I’d never thought he of all people would experience one.”

“Wow, you were different 2000 years ago!”

Kaos jumped into Glumshanks arms as the two heard that voice. They looked around to see who said that.

“Show yourself fool, or else prepare to be dispatched with orderly chaos!”

The voice, sounding feminine, began to laugh at Kaos’ threats. “ Hehehe. I can see why mother and gran-gran tease use about your past schemes and ideas.”

“Mother!?” Kaos questioned as he jumped from Glumshank’s arms.

“Gran-gran!?” Glumshanks questioned as well.

Stepping out from the shadows was a young girl, could’ve been 13 or 14 years of age, with a body made entirely of gold. Her eyes and her lips were the only parts of her body not gold, being a hot ruby color.

“The Golden Queen?” Kaos said, staring the girl up and down. “What happened to you? And how did you get in my castle lair!”

Glumshanks studied the girl more thoroughly than Kaos did. He noticed that her eyes, her eyes looked similar to Kaos’ Mother, Kalamity, and  she had red markings similar to Kaos’ on her head. “Lord Kaos, I don’t think this is the Golden Queen.”

Kaos looked at Glumshanks with a dumbstruck look, “What? Are you color blind!? Look at her!”
Kaos turned around only for the girl to be directly in his face, scaring him to almost fall down. It was then he noticed it was not the Golden Queen. “Who… who are you?”

The girl pulled out a scepter from behind her back and used it to open up a portal that lead to who knows where. She then turned back to Kaos and smiled, “I’m Kleopatra. K-L-E-O-P-A-T-R-A, no C. To make things short, I’m your daughter from Skylands future 2000 A.K.”

“Don’t you mean A.D.?” asked Glumshanks.

Kleopatra laughed again, “No no uncle Glumshanks. Just come with me and I’ll show you a way to defeat the Skylanders and their portal master, forever!”

Kleopatra jumped into the portal, leaving it open for Kaos and Glumshanks to make their decision.

“What do you think we should Lord Kaos?” asked Glumshanks looking at his Master.

Kaos walked toward the portal and prepared to leap into it, “I don’t know about you, but I’m going if I’ll gain information on how to rid myself of the Skylanders and their portal master once and for all!”

Just like that, Kaos jumped into the portal; screaming all the way. Glumshanks walked up to and looked into it. He made a big gulp.

“Oh boy, the things I do for Lord Kaos.”

Glumshanks jumped into the portal, following his midget of a master to Skylands, 2000 years in the future!
Skylanders: The Time Jumpers Prologue
My new Skylander fanfiction I wrote this morning. I actually had an idea for this since Swap Force, but I wanted to see how the fourth Skylander game would be like before I write something like this (and I'm glad I did due to the amount of new characters in the game:D (Big Grin) ).

And just for a headsup, I might add my headcanons (fan therioes) to my fanfic. Possibly.Uh oh. KFC Chicken Dance (Oh yeah) [V1] 

Skylanders(c): Activision
Story/Kleopatra/Other fan characters(c):iconjjman65:

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